Atticus Greene Haygood

Emory College President 1875-1884Atticus Greene Haygood
Class of 1859

  • Serves as a Confederate army chaplain during the Civil War
  • Progressive in his views about education, race, and philosophy
  • Gains national attention with his 1880 Thanksgiving sermon titled "The New South"
  • Sermon wins support of Brooklyn banker named George Seney, a Methodist minister's son, which helps eliminate Emory's debt and pays for a building that bears Seney's name on the Oxford campus
  • Builds up the college library, introduces modern language instruction, launches a law department, and requires a thesis for the master of arts degree
  • First Emory faculty member elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
  • Leaves to lead the Slater Fund, a philanthropy to support schools and colleges for African Americans
  • Motto chiseled into Atlanta campus gate: "Let us stand by what is good and make it better if we can."

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