Sanford Soverhill Atwood

President 1963-1977Sanford Atwood

  • As a Presbyterian, the first non-Methodist president of Emory
  • Launches a $25 million capital campaign that brings in $35 million
  • Doubles the size of the faculty and grows the study body by 63 percent
  • With board chair Henry Bowden, stands by Professor Thomas J. J. Altizer and academic freedom over Time magazine story, "Is God Dead?"
  • Establishes commissions on the status of women and the status of minorities, launches the university's first affirmative action plan, and creates the Employee Council to give staff a voice in governance
  • Invites Emory's first African American commencement speaker (Benjamin Mays) and first woman commencement speaker (Rosemary Park)
  • Oversees construction including a new nursing school building, Woodruff Library, sorority lodges, a new dental school building, a rehabilitation hospital, a new law school building, the Woodruff Health Sciences Center Administration Building, White Hall, and the chemistry center (later named for him), a new gym at Oxford, and the first buildings of Yerkes