Gregory L. Dooley

Spirit of Emory; Sui Generis

1899C | Additional degrees

DooleyGregory L. Dooley, a skeleton and the university's unofficial mascot, made his first appearances at Emory in 1899 and 1909 by writing letters to the student publication the Emory Phoenix from his perch in a science lab.

Taking his first name and middle initial from the current university president, Dooley is represented on campus by a student -- whose identity is kept secret -- dressed as a skeleton with a black cape, a black top hat, and white gloves.

In his role as the Spirit of Emory, Dooley rises to rule campus a few times each year, notably for the annual Town Hall Meeting in the fall and Dooley's Week every spring.

Editor's note: At the time of the selection of the Emory Makers of History, identified as part of Emory's 175th anniversary celebrations in 2011, the Spirit of Emory was known as James W. Dooley.