Warren Akin Candler

President and later Chancellor of Emory; Methodist Bishop

1898C 1942H

Warren Akin CandlerAs Emory College president from 1888 to 1898, Warren Akin Candler worked diligently to make the college debt-free, raising money for new buildings and contributing his own wealth toward a student loan fund and the endowment.

Perhaps his most enduring legacy at his alma mater, however, is his attitude toward athletics. Candler prohibited intercollegiate sports because of gambling and other spectator "evils," promoting "athletics for all" through intramural sports. In 1898, Candler was elected a bishop in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS); as a bishop he was part of the MECS committee that oversaw the expansion of Emory College into a university with theology, law, and medical schools.

In 1914, he became chancellor of the newly formed Emory University. In 1922, he was elected senior bishop in the MECS.