Facts & Figures

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The facts and figures of the university, taken together, tell a story through its:

  • People: Emory's presidents, faculty members during the early years, and more
  • Places: Campuses, historic landmarks, and named places and spaces
  • Dates: Select events in timeline and "today in history" formats
To create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity Emory's mission
Emory College chartered 1836
Emory University chartered 1915
Graduating class size, 1841 3
First PhD subject, 1948 Chemistry
Pivotal Candler gift, 1914 $1 million
Pivotal Woodruff gift, 1979 $105 million
Current number of campuses 3
Wonderful Wednesdays tradition 1967 - 1982
Dooley tradition 1899 - Eternity
Intercollegiate athletic participation prohibited 1891
Emory founds University Athletic Association (UAA) with 7 other schools 1986
Number of NCAA Division III varsity teams, 2013 18