Dooley with student guards

Though students don't need an excuse to have fun at college, they do like reasons. Here are some of the many traditions enjoyed here.

Carter Town Hall Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter, University Distinguished Professor, hosts an annual town hall meeting for freshmen in a tradition dating back more than 30 years. After speaking, Carter answers students' questions that can range from world events to preferred types of peanut butter.
Classroom on the Quad An annual forum for civil exchanges about timely issues is held on the university's Quadrangle, weather permitting. Professors or guest speakers conduct the event, which is sponsored by the deans of Emory's nine schools.
Dooley's Week

Dooley, the Spirit of Emory and Lord of Misrule, graces campus to cause gentle mischief during a week in his honor in the spring. Students write limericks asking him to dismiss their classes.

Emory Cares International Service Day

Alumni, students, staff, faculty, parents and friends gather to give back to their local communities on an annual day of service in the fall.


Teams of freshmen and sophomores played a game involving a 180-pound leather ball from 1923 to 1955, when the tradition was discontinued because of its injurious nature.

Secret Societies

A number of secret societies have emerged over the years. DVS is the oldest, founded on the Oxford campus in 1902.


During Orientation, students from each first-year residence hall write and perform songs in a no-holds-barred singing competition.

Sophomore Pinning Ceremony Students are considered alumni after two consecutive semesters here. The tradition honors one-time student Robert W. Woodruff. Emory's greatest benefactor left college after two semesters to work at The Coca-Cola Company. Eligible students are inducted at a special pinning ceremony and become members of the Student Alumni Association.
Wonderful Wednesdays The current weekly celebration of campus life activities is named for a retired midweek day off from classes under the former quarter system.