Max R. Hall

Author; Editor at Harvard University Press

1932C 1995H

Max R. Hall began his storied career as journalist, writer, and co-managing editor of the Emory Wheel, along with his lifelong friend and future Emory trustee Henry Bowden.

While a student, Hall worked part time for the Atlanta Constitution, apprenticing under Ralph McGill, then the sports editor. After a succession of jobs in Atlanta radio and print journalism, he spent nine years as a reporter with the Associated Press.

He eventually left journalism to work as a public affairs staff member for various federal agencies and at Harvard University, where he was the first social science editor of Harvard University Press. He edited two Pulitzer Prize–winning volumes. His own book, Benjamin Franklin & Polly Baker: The History of the Literary Deception, his first, told the little-known story of an elaborate literary hoax perpetrated by Franklin.