Vladimer Iraklis-Dze "Lado" Gurgenidze

Investment Banker; Prime Minister of Republic of Georgia


Vladimer Iraklis-Dze In a varied career ranging from banker to reality television show host and prime minister of his native Republic of Georgia,Vladimer Iraklis-Dze "Lado" Gurgenidze has been instrumental in building his country's wealth and international stature. He received his MBA at twenty-two and became a successful investment banker in Europe.

He returned home in 2004 to lead the Bank of Georgia and increase its assets and net income by 760 percent and 1,563 percent, respectively. He became prime minister in 2007, a turbulent time for the country, which was at war with Russia. After the conflict ended, Gurgenidze played a significant role in stabilizing the Georgian economy and financial services sector.

In 2008 he was awarded the St. George's Victory Order, his country's highest civilian honor. Still active in his alma mater, he co-chairs the Emory Center for Alternative Investments at the business school.